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Cake Smash and Splash Guide

smash and splash guide.jpg

- Feed the baby cake a week before the session to get used to the sweet taste.

- Let the baby play with the frosting a week before the session so that they get used to the feeling of it on their fingers.

- Pack a favorite toy if the baby needs a break or a distraction.

- Pack puffs, cheerios or a bite-sized snack to hide in the cake smash.

- Pack a change of clean clothes for after the cake smash.

- Pack a bag to put the dirty cake smash outfit into.

- Discuss any allergies with me before the session.

- Most parents assume their little one will dive right in and go crazy when a cake is put in front of them :). However this doesn’t always happen and that’s okay.

- We will let your baby set the pace, as some babies are more than happy to make a huge mess, while others may need a little bit of encouragement and sometimes even help to get into their cake.

- Be ready to get your hands dirty and help your little one get past all the frosting to the cake underneath!

- One thing parents don’t often realise is that they too will likely become covered in cake and icing during the session, so a change of clothes for everyone, not just the birthday boy or girl, is a good idea!

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