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Prep Guide for Newborn Session

monisha gururani photography

- If nursing or bottle feeding breastmilk, try to eliminate caffeine from your diet for 72 hours prior to your session.

- If bottle feeding, breastmilk or formula, please bring along a bottle if we need to feed the baby during your session.

- Please feed baby about an hour prior to your session, and then that hour prior try and have some ‘awake’ time if possible, bath, let them kick with only a diaper on, tickle their toes, even letting them fuss for a little bit, etc. This will ensure those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures! I can’t stress enough that it is so important to do  your best to keep them awake. Many parents come in saying “baby has been sleeping all morning, but don’t worry, they sleep SO well this time of day!” only to have the baby wake up, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled.

- Please remove any black threads ,Nazaria bangles and Black Kaajal dots from baby’s body (optIonal but I prefer without)

- Dress baby in a button/zip up outfit, just ideally nothing that goes over baby’s head so if they’re sleepy when you arrive we don’t disturb them too much.

- Please bring a nuk/pacifier (preferably the soothie pacifier the hospital provided, they won’t leave marks). Even if you haven’t used one yet or the baby doesn’t seem to take to it, just for the 2-3 hours that I’m posing baby it can really help. If you don’t happen to have one.

- I have a huge and ever growing collection of headbands, hats, bonnets, wraps, boxes, outfits and more, so no need to bring anything from home unless there is something special or important to your family that you’d like included, just let me know ahead of time (in your questionnaire is great) so I can include it in the flow of your session.

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Guide for Parents and Family

- The studio will be warm and toasty so please dress in layers!

- If you are planning on parent photos, a simple white or light-colored top or tank will be perfect (black works, too!)! The same goes for dad. Parent photos will take place in about the last 20-30 minutes of your session. I do love photographing the connection between you and your baby! Even if you don’t think you want a photo with you and your baby, please do reconsider. For the most part, parent shots are taken chest up and take just a few minutes. They are only little for a little while If you do decide to have parent and/or family photos, please be sure that your nails are manicured (nothing fancy, just not chipped polish ideally as your hands will make their way into the photos.

- If we are photographing older siblings with the baby, will do these photos first. It is advisable for one parent to take the older siblings home after their photographs as the session can be long for a toddler.

- Simple Cream, white or neutral tops with no pattern is advisable for sibling photos as well as parent photos. Jeans or dresses work well also.  ( Avoid busy patterns )

- Please note that if your child is younger than 3 years old they may not cooperate for this type of session. If they are younger than 3 we will attempt the photos for 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the session and if they do not want to cooperate we will continue to just photograph the infant. 

- Parents are welcome to participate in the photo session only.  Other family members, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles should come at another time for a different session. 

- We only have so much time allotted for the session so it is essential that we limited the inclusion for this particular session to the newborn, siblings, and parents.

- Our studio is also small so a maximum of 3 adults plus children is permitted :)

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